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NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme

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“Your care, Your money, Your choice, Your Service”

Kulu Accounting & Books is a team of professional bookkeepers and understand the daily complexity of managing paperwork and time it takes to process payments for bills.

We provide distinct service to our participants consisting of our promise “Your care, Your money, Your choice, Your Service”.

We care about you and helping you achieve your goals https://www.rsudkotabekasi.com/ and aspirations.

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is the financial Management and Administration of your approved NDIS Funds.

To ensure we provide you with the best service, it is our responsibility to make sure all the bills for service provided are paid on time and we monitor your budget to ensure funds are used correctly as outlined in your approved plan and all documents are secured in accordance with the government audit requirements.

What other service can Plan Manager offer?

At Kulu Accounting & Books, we are committed to helping you understand the services we provide, and we offer capacity building training to our participants.

This training will give you a basic guide on how to store your information, the administration of your paperwork, give you deeper understanding of your funding and any other skills you want to learn to help you with your day-to-day depo 25 bonus 25 management of your funds.

Why choose us?

Finding an organised professional team like Kulu Accounting & Books is one of the best decision to give you total peace of mind.

Choosing Kulu Accounting & Books means:

  • You are always in control as we work for you
  • We are professional and understand your needs
  • We handle all the work of self-managed participant freeing more time for you
  • We provide you with periodic activity statement, so you keep track of your spending
  • Process authorised bills within 2 business days 

What is next?

Choose Kulu Accounting & Books as your Plan Management. To allow us to be able to process payments for your services, simply choose one of the following options:

  • Email your authorised bills to us
  • Setup a standing authorisation for services providers so bills are emailed directly to us

How to get NDIS Plan Management and Training funding?

Getting plan management and training included in your plan is easily done by asking NDIS for it to be included in your plan. It is usually done at your initial NDIS plan or Plan review meeting with your support coordinator. You also do have https://www.pantiwaluyohospital.com/ the flexibility of asking for this to be added on your plan anytime between your plan.

Plan management through an approved Plan Manager such as Kulu Accounting & Books can be chosen for all your plan or for part of your plan.

Once this is approved and added to your plan, funds will appear in your plan under the capacity build – improved life choices budget and will be available to use immediately.

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